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Common Power Supply Topologies

The three basic topologies used in switching power supplies are buck Author: XP-Power   The three basic topologies used in switching power supplies are buck, also known as forward, boost and buckboost, also known as Flyback. All three topologies use the same three elements, transistor, inductor and diode but they are arranged in different manners. The essential difference between the

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The toughest conformal coatings for the harshest environments:

How conformal coatings help automotive manufacturers achieve long-term reliability of assemblies. Author: Phil Kinner, Head of Conformal Coatings Division, Electrolube In a typical car today, electronic systems are critical to the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle. Even before the engine starts, electronics have already unlocked the car. Once you start the engine and step on the accelerator, sensors

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Extending the life of LEDs

Choosing the correct protection media for LED devices to improve lifetime and performance Jade Bridges – European Technical Support Specialist, Electrolube Ltd With the rapid growth of the LED market, correct product selection is imperative to ensure LED performance and lifetime. In Part 1 of this paper we discussed the importance of proper thermal management, including the various ways to

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Reliability in Electronics

Most of us are familiar with the concepts of reliability and MTBF at a superficial level, without considering what lies behind the figures quoted and what significance should be attached to them. The subject deserves a deeper understanding, so, let us start by having a better look at the terminology. [ Download full article ]

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Measure, log and display

Panasonic is committed to preserving the environment. Impending climate change, soaring energy costs and uncontrolled energy consumption demand that each and everyone of us take responsibility. With an energy management system from Panasonic, you can manage your energy needs professionally and help reduce global CO2 emissions. [ Download more information ]

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