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Energy efficiency for external power supplies (EPS)

Source: Gary Bocock, Director of Engineering, XP Power Controlling the power consumed by external power supplies, whether when they are supplying power or when disconnected from the load, is important for continuity of the energy supply and reduction of environmental impacts. Legislation and targets are set for external power supplies because of proliferation, lack of on/off control and because they are

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Power supply de-rating in practice

Source: Stephen Dodson, Engineering Manager, XP Power With mounting market pressure on power supply size, power density and cost there are an increasing number of AC-DC power supplies released which rely on de-rating specifications to improve their headline power ratings. This de-rating information may not be immediately apparent and is typically located at the end of the product data sheet, well

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Hints and tips on the use of cooling fans for power supplies

Source: By Andrew Bryars, Applications Engineering Manager, XP Power Everyone knows that if you dissipate heat inside a confined space then the temperature in that space will increase i.e. the ambient temperature inside the enclosure will rise. If you have an enclosure containing a power supply and its load i.e. the PCBs that its powering then as the ambient air temperature

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Encoders for Packaging Machines

Foodstuffs must be packaged securely in order to reach consumers in undamaged condition. Source: Wachendorff Automation Econo-Pak is a company with machines specialised in this task. Their solutions are used worldwide – supported by Wachendorff encoders. Operational safety plays the most important role in this industry as every standstill has a significant effect on quality and can even render the

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Power Supplies in Medical Electronics

One facet of the power supply business that has seen rapid growth over the last 10 years   Author: XP-Power   If there is one facet of the power supply business that has seen rapid growth over the last 10 years, it is that of configurable power. A standard input circuit and chassis is customised with plug-in modules to deliver

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How to improve power supply MTBF and reliability

No one wants their production line to stop working prematurely due to a failure Source: TDK-Lambda   Power supply reliability is important – no one wants their production line, measurement instrument, communications system or electronic product to stop working prematurely due to a failure. This white paper is intended for electronics engineers and designers working with power systems for the

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