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A New Generation of Conformal Coatings for Challenging Operating Environments

Electrolube’s Phil Kinner discusses the evolution of tougher, more environmentally friendly conformal coating materials that have been formulated to cope reliably with the rigours of modern electronics deployments. Modern electronic assemblies are increasingly expected to survive hostile operating environments and work reliably in conditions of prolonged high temperatures in the

Updates to Legislation Drive External Power Supplies’ Efficiency

Source: Gary Bocock,Technical Director at XP Power As concern for carbon emissions grows, most countries have introduced legislation to regulate the efficiency of external power supplies (EPS), so that as little as possible of our natural resource is wasted. This legislation encourages power supply manufacturers to introduce EPS models with

Minimizing the Impact of Source Resistance on High-Voltage DC to DC Converters

Source: XP EMCO A primer for system designers Resistance between a low-voltage power supply and the input terminals of a DC to HV-DC converter results in not only power-loss but reduced long-term reliability in the converter. The impact of source resistance to a converter is measured using XP EMCO A-Series

Designing for reliability in high voltage applications

Source: Mike Doherty, Vice President,High Voltage Products, XP Power High voltage design and manufacturing comes with an additional set of disciplines that must be applied in order to produce products with excellent long term reliability, often in harsh environments. As high voltage power supplies become increasingly compact and miniaturized, mastering

Next-Generation, Miniature High Voltage Power Modules

Source: XP EMCO The first generation of high voltage power modules changed the way designers could use high voltage, and the next-generation is pushing the envelope further. XP EMCO next-generation, miniature high voltage power modules provide designers and end-users ever-expanding choices for off-the-shelf, drop-in miniature solutions to meet their high

Understanding Efficiency: Looking for the worst-case scenario

Source: Peter Blyth, XP Efficiency is one of the key parameters to consider when selecting the correct switch mode power supply. Pressure on equipment designer to deliver more functionality in a small size can result in more power being required which has a direct effect on the form factor of