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EA Battery Simulator

Source: Elektro-Automatik EA Battery Simulator is a Windows software to remotely control one bidirectional power supply device of PSB Series (single unit or a master-slave system) in order to simulate specific battery types and their charging/discharging characteristics. This remote control is via digital interface only. Supported are USN and Ethernet. This software is based upon the programming language Visual C# and

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Application Note 001: Connection of an energy recovery DC Electronic Load

Source: Elektro-Automatik This application note describes the necessary procedure and safety concerns to connect a regenerative DC Electronic load to the mains. As this electronic load has the unique option of backfeeding converted energy into the grid, there are various concerns about its appropriate connection to the local or public grid, so clarification is needed on how correctly connect the load

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Low Intensity Light Detection Requires High Stability, Low Noise Electronic Circuitry

Source: XP Power When it comes to low intensity light detection, performance requirements often lead to selecting devices with greater sensitivity than common photodiodes or even charge coupled devices (CCDs). Specialized detectors such as avalanche photodiodes (APDs), photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and microchannel plates (MCPs) are often employed for these more precise applications. High sensitivity devices bring with them a set

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System integration of baseplate cooled converter modules, or ‘bricks’

Source: Gary BocockTechnical Director at XP Power Baseplate cooled power converter modules, also known as bricks, provide building block power solutions for integration into end equipment. These high-density power solutions are ideal for rugged outdoor sealed enclosures, transportation and defence applications, where their rugged construction and conduction cooled properties are beneficial, and in high-density forced air cooled applications where the

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The powerful impact of protecting future LED lighting applications, including improved growth of animals, plants and algae

Jade Bridges describes some interesting applications of LEDs and looks at how modern protective compounds and thermal management materials are enhancing the performance and prolonging the life of LED lighting units exposed to challenging indoor and outdoor environments, with positive powerful results. It is hard to ignore the phenomenal growth of the LED market, spurred on by new applications, advertisements

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