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At ESBEE, we strongly feel that Indian products find a place of pride in the global milieu. By making export quality products, we successfully meet the needs of prestigious clients all over the world. We understand that how our clients perceive us hinges on what experience we deliver as a brand. We focus on bringing tangible value to customers through an unrelenting dedication to product quality, service and cost control. In the process, we have built enduring relationships, many of which transcend business boundaries.

ESBEE have put together a motivated, competent team that delivers even in demanding situations. We implement the best HR practices, offering our teammates a lively work culture that is conducive to their growth and development. The health and safety of all our colleagues is paramount to us; we adopt the latest industry guidelines to ensure their well-being at the workplace.

Esbee we work with skilled technicians, backed by the latest software and hardware tools, testing equipment and jigs & fixtures, assemble products in an anti-static, dust-free environment with a semi automated production line.

Esbee well-strategized quality procedures are seamlessly integrated into virtually all areas and processes of production. Futuristic quality planning, process security and process monitoring is achieved through the active involvement of people and continual training. Statistical process control and several quality tools are used for defect prevention.

Esbee a team of talented engineers pooled from various disciplines including Computer, Electronics, Instrumentation, Polymer and Tool engineering, work together to draw up blueprints for innovative products. Their task is to design products that would be safe, eco-friendly, reliable and durable.