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VEPAC ELECTRONICS boasts a robust selection of industrial products designed to meet your every requirement. From electronics to machinery, we've got you covered with our versatile options.

XP HPT5KO Series 3-Phase

Mitigate the challenges of designing high power solutions into your applications with our HP Series of adaptable, compact, and efficient products. Optimal space-saving designs with digital signal processing, multiple communication protocols, development tools, full user configurable functionality, and scalability from 3kW to 30kW and beyond enables flexible, reliable, easy integration across multiple platforms.

Integrating your product’s high power DC supply can be time consuming, costly and a drain on resources for your product’s functional development: minimize these with XP Power’s HP Series.

Their 3kW to 30kW and beyond scalability means you can deploy modules of appropriate power in your product – then their flexibility lets you tailor, configure and optimize for the particular load, whether constant voltage, constant current, or both. Program the required output voltage and current, and define signals, controls, and alarms to suit your application.

Integration is eased by the compact, efficient HPT, HPT-L and HPL form factors supporting wide range, low line & high line requirements and simplified interconnections for high power systems. HPL supports higher power 180 – 264 VAC applications, while HPT & HPT-L operate from a wide range 180 VAC – 528 VAC input.