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WDGN Incremental Series

36 mm to 58 mm housing and up to 16,384 ppr configurable via NFC

The new WDGN series of incremental encoders enables configuration of any pulse count from 1 I/U to 16,384 I/U via NFC. Depending on the equipment, Basic or Advance, further parameters can be set via APP using NFC.

When there is uncertainty about which number of pulses the encoder needs to run optimally in an application, the WDGN encoder offers the necessary flexibility to test the optimum number of pulses.
Optimum spare parts, logistics and warehouse management becomes possible. Because with the free app on the smartphone, communication with the encoder takes place via NFC, completely without an internet connection, and the desired parameter values can be set just-in-time.

  • Due to high quality electronics any number of pulses up to 16,384 via NFC configurable
  • HTL/TTL via NFC configurable
  • Protection class IP67, at shaft input IP65 or IP67/IP69K
  • High output frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection at 4.75 VDC to 32 VDC