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Test Points

PCB test point terminals are invaluable to connect diagnostic and measuring equipment for monitoring the state of a node on a printed circuit board or to pass a signal through the test point to check that that PCB is working correctly. PCB test point pins are available in different sizes covering both hole dimension and overall length and in a wide range of colours for easy identification. Loop terminals are also available in a Surface Mount Technology format.

  • PCB Test Point Terminal assembly designed for attachment of scope probes etc.
  • The compliant pin design allows the terminal to be inserted without damaging the hole plating.
  • The terminal will remain in place even when the board is inverted for soldering.
  • The sintered glass bead has a recommended maximum working temperature of 475C. This exceeds all current standard temperature profile requirements.
  • Assemblies are available in 8 standard colours.
  • Material Specifications: Bead: Boro Silicate Sintered Glass, Wire Loop Material: Phosphor Bronze (BS2873) Plating: Electroplated Bright Tin: 3.0-5.0 micron.