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TDA301D232H / TD501D232H RS 232 Tranceiver Module

MORNSUN RS 232 transceiver modules is designed by RS 232 protocol, and it replaces the traditional design by integrating transceiver, isolation chip and high efficient DC/DC isolated power in one module. The modules can be used for inter-communications between devices on the industrial bus, achieving the signal transceiving and power isolation. The targeted market includes automotive industry, rail transportation, smart monitoring, smart meters, etc. We hope those RS 232 transceiver modules are an ideal fit for your application needs.

The TD301D232H/TD501D232H series of isolated single high speed 232 transceivers are all-in-one modules with isolated power supply, isolated signal and RS232 transceiver chip integrated in one RS232 interface solution. The main product function is to switch from logic level to 232protocols level and achieving signal isolation and the product features a constant-voltage source isolated power supply which withstands a test voltage of 3000 VDC. The products also can easily be embedded in the user’s end equipment, to achieve fully functional RS232protocols network connections.