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TLA Series 50 – 500A Current Transducers

Current detection is a common measurement in industrial control, MORNSUN’s current transducers are the ideal choice for precision measurement of AC and DC currents due to their advantages in accuracy, linearity, bandwidth, etc.

Hall Current Transducer and contactor are specifically for the increasing demand for the Industry 4.0 upgrade and its related devices. What’s more, Type-B Residual Current Detection Modules are common in EV charging.

TLA 300-S is used for isolation measurement between primary and secondary. The hall effects is used to achieve zero-flux closed-loop control of DC magnetic flux, AC magnetic flux, and excitation magnetic flux, so that the sensor has a relatively high measurement accuracy in the full bandwidth. The shell adopts a closed structure with circular perforations, and the number of turns of the core (primary side)is one turn.


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