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Phase Monitoring Relay E1YM480Y277VS10

With the TELE universal voltage monitoring relay, dangerous electrical conditions like mains failure, phase sequence and phase imbalance can easily be sensed. Furthermore, critical voltage values caused by irregular startup of different loads (e.g. AC units or elevators), can easily be detected, preventing power outages to any electrical equipment that may be connected. If adjusted, a time delay for the integrated relay outputs can be set to give a delayed indication of the failure. The outputs can either send an alarm or command to a central control unit to turn on the backup power supply.

  • 4 in 1 Super compact device
  • High flexibility with user-adjustable time delays
  • User-friendly set up, NO software skills required
  • Detects direction of rotation of the mains
  • Multifunction
  • Monitoring of phase failure
  • Monitoring of phase sequence selectable
  • 1 change over contact
  • Width 17.5 mm
  • Installation design