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PG-1500 High Amplitude Pulse Generator

The Pulse Rider Series includes a set of fast rise time pulse generators, that offer premium signal integrity with the easiest to use touch screen display interface (SimpleRider™), that allows pulse creation in few screen touches.

The signal output Voltage can be adjusted up to 50 Volts pp-pk in a window of ±25 Volts with 400 ps edge rate.

Its innovative hardware architecture provides the possibility to generate multiple pulse sequences, such as double, triple or quad pulses, with fully independent timing parameters. The maximum repetition rate of Pulse Rider Pulse Generator is 400MHz and the minimum pulse width is 1 ns @ 50V

Take a look at the video below to see how to create a  pulse, or download the full documentation in the doc section below, to learn more.

PG-1500 is a replacement for discontinued PSPL2600C (50V – 400ps pulse generator)

Tektronix discontinued the popular PSPL2600 and PSPL2600C pulse generators, leaving a big gap in the test and measurement market. Researchers from every country around the world were looking for alternatives, but it was not so easy find ad 50V pulse generator capable to match the amazing performance of PSPL2600 and PSPL2600C.

Today Active Technologies is proud to announce a new fast pulse generator capable to reach the 50V amplitude and 400ps rise time of PSPL2600, overcoming the limitation of its predecessor.

The new PG-1500 pulse generator is capable to reach 50Vpp and 400ps rise time adding the following benefits:

  • symmetric rise and fall time (both edges are faster than 400ps)
  • extremely fast repetition rate up to 400 MHz
  • minimum pulse width of 1ns @ 50V amplitude