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P 5610B Thermal Imager 220x160px

P 5610 B» IR thermal imaging camera, 220×160 px, -20°C … 400°C, with software

The PeakTech 5610 B is a versatile thermal imaging camera with a thermal resolution of 220×160 thermal pixels, which makes temperature differences easily recognizable for every user. Use this new development, for example, to detect thermal bridges in thermography, leaks in systems and pipe systems or trace heating pipes in walls and floors. In electrical engineering, this thermal imaging camera offers the possibility of finding contact problems and contact resistance, for example in sub-distribution boards, and thus preventing the risk of fire in good time.

This device also has five different colour palettes for thermal imaging, as well as five overlay modes for video or photo to thermal imaging, so that the user can easily localize the source of the error in the real image or one of the image overlays. Analysis software is stored in the internal memory of the device and can therefore be installed on connected PCs at any time.