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P 1665 TrueRMS Current Clamp

The PeakTech 1665 is a measuring device for AC and DC currents up to 1000 A using a current clamp for conductor diameters up to 48 mm 6000 counts. Current and voltage measurements are carried out as true RMS (true rms value) measurements, which means that the measured values ​​are displayed correctly even with waveforms that deviate from a sine wave.

In addition, this model has extensive multimeter functions for voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature measurement. Continuity tests with acoustic signals and diode tests can also be carried out. It is therefore no longer necessary to carry additional measuring devices with you when you are on the field. Due to its high functionality and easy handling, this current clamp is suitable for electronics specialists, service technicians or hobbyists.

Delivery approx. 15 days if not in stock