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HDL 3000 Watt Programmable Series

The HDL3000 HV series offers users both output voltage and output current programming (0 – 105%) via resistance, voltage or digital bus in a very high efficiency, high power density 3kW chassis mount package. Measuring just 6.69” x 2.52” x 11.02”, the HDL3000 HV also features active current sharing, built-in ORing diode, remote on/off and a power OK signal. The standby output is available whenever the mains supply is present and can be user selected as either 5V at 0.5A or 9V at 0.3A.


  • High efficiency up to 92%
  • High power density
  • DC outputs from 150-400VDC
  • Programmable output voltage (0-105%)
  • Programmable output current (0-105%)
  • I2C, RS485 & RS232 interfaces
  • Parallel operation
  • Fully featured signals & controls
  • 3 year warranty