Product Details

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EA-PSB 10000 4U 30kW Bidirectional

  • AC wide range input 342-528 V, for operation on 380 V, 400 V and 480 V grids
  • Bidirectional – power supply and load in one
  • Energy recovery with high efficiency
  • Power ratings: 30 kW, expandable up to 1080 kW
  • Voltage ratings: 60 V up to 2000 V
  • Current ratings: 40 A up to 1000 A
  • Flexible, power regulated DCAC stage
  • Various protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
  • Intuitive TFT touch panel with display for values, status and notifications
  • Remote sensing with automatic detection
  • Galvanically isolated, analog interface
  • Integrated function generator
  • Photovoltaic array simulation, battery test
  • MPP tracking simulation
  • USB port integrated
  • Optional, digital interface modules
  • SCPI command language and ModBus RTU
  • LabView support by VI package