Product Details

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EA-PS 10000 2U 1.5kW – 3.0kW

  • Wide range input, 110V – 240V ±10% 1ph AC
  • Active Power-Factor-Correction, typical 0.99
  • Very High efficiency up to over 95%
  • Voltage from 0 – 60V up to 0 – 1500V
  • Currents from 0 – 6A up to 0 – 120A
  • Flexible power regulated DC output stages (Autoranging)
  • Regulation mode CV, CC, CP with fast crossover
  • Digital regulation, high resolution with 16bit ADC’s and DAC’s, selection of control speed:  Normal, Fast, Slow
  • Colour 5” TFT display with touch control and intuitive user interface
  • Galvanically isolated Share-Bus from parallel operation of all power classes in the 10000 series
  • Master-Slave bus for parallel operation of up to 64 units of all power classes in the 10000 series
  • Command languages and drivers:  SCPI and ModBus LabVIEW, IVI