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Draw Wire Cable Systems SZG for rugged environments

  • Robust cable systems 1,250 mm up to 40,000 mm
  • Output: incremental or absolute
  • High precision mechanic with high linearity
  • Quick assembly

In particular, when considering how to most safely and efficiently detect positions, speeds and travel lengths of (for example) crane booms, hydraulic cylinders or screw conveyors, etc., Wachendorff provides support with the help of matching cable systems.

In this process, the main requirements for such systems determine the solutions provided by Wachendorff:

  1. Fast and flexible installation on the machine.
  2. Robust design with high protection rating up to IP65.
  3. Precise measurement through optimal cable guidance and constant cable tension across the entire measuring range.
  4. High resolution and high degree of accuracy.
  5. Flexible interfaces by incremental impulses or the major bus interfaces.
  1. With the new Cable Systems SZG, Wachendorff meets these requirements perfectly. The system is installed quickly and easily. The space required is minimised through the compact design. The position of the cable outlet can be determined individually by the mounting bracket.

    Thanks to the robust design of the cable system in conjunction with the incremental and absolute encoders from Wachendorff, the system can also be used in critical areas. For example, in port cranes or in transport systems in cold storage houses.

  2. With the incremental encoders from the WDGI58B series or an absolute encoder WDGA58B, resolutions and interfaces can be implemented perfectly.