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CLS-2 Clear Label Sensor

The Clear Label Sensor 2 is a smaller, high-performing sensor using ultrasonic technology. Designed into the sensor are all the Ease-of-Use characteristics that have made TRI-TRONICS‘ sensors so well recognized in the industry.

We’ve taken the popularity and success of the CLS-1, our experience with the clear label industry, and everything we learned with ultrasonic technology and made it smaller. A more powerful sensor built in the USA and made it more affordable than the CLS-1.

Ultrasonic technology coupled with digital signal processing makes the detection of clear and opaque labels on clear or opaque backing material easy. A stainless-steel removable gap plate and anodized aluminum housing makes this sensor rugged. The setup is fast with one press of a button for the label and one press for the label gap. The width of only 16.9mm makes it one of the smallest clear-label gap sensors.