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Beryllium Copper Fingers

Beryllium Copper EMI gaskets have superior mechanical spring characteristics and high electrical conductivity making them ideally suited to shielding application where frequent access is required such as shielded room doors. These are available in profiles to suit most EMI shielding applications including grounding. Many plating finishes are available to address galvanic compatibility concerns and enhance shielding performance.

Available in a large range of standard profiles in strips, generally 406mm (16”) long. Longer lengths are available with some in continuous lengths. Gaskets can be applied using adhesive tape, or can be slot mounted, clipped on or soldered and in addition to the standard finish can also be supplied in Tin, Nickel, Silver and many more finishes.

BeCu fingers are suited for use in high cycling RFI / EMI and EMP applications where frequent access is required as their construction makes them resistant to fatigue and only low compression forces are needed.