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AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator meets demanding signal generation needs with high signal fidelity and the ability to scale up to 32 or more channels with multi-unit synchronization at an affordable price. Ideal for advanced research, electronic test and radar, and electronic warfare system design and test.

The AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform generator delivers the industry’s best combination of sample rate and vertical resolution at a surprisingly low price. Create real-life environments based on accurate, noise-free signals, and 5 GS/s 16-bit performance that allows for direct generation of signals up to 4 GHz.

  • 16 bits of DAC resolution
  • 5 GS/s sample rate
  • Extremely low noise floor
  • A scalable, flexible, affordable arbitrary waveform generator.

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