Mini Eye Sensors


MINI-EYE™ is a full line of very economical, miniature photoelectric sensors designed to perform most sensing tasks from even the tightest locations. The rugged MINI-EYE™ sensors are waterproof and enclosed in high-impact plastic housings for use in hostile environments. They are also immune to indirect ambient light and strobes.

These versatile sensors are available in thru-beam, polarized retroreflective and proximity models. Optimized for object detection, such as material handling, sorting, web break detection, counting, inspection, orientation...and much more!

MINI-EYE™ sensors offer a selection of Class 1 red laser, infrared (IR) or red LED light sources, and your choice of NPN or PNP output transistors. All models are available in standard or 18 mm mounting, with quick disconnect or potted cables, and operate in either Light "ON" or Dark "ON" sensing modes.

[ pdf Datasheet (869 KB) ]