AG Series 1 & 1,5 Watt DC-HVDC

  • Output voltages from 100V to 6000V
  • Output Proportional to Input
  • 0.7VDC Turn-on Voltage
  • Extremely Low Profile <0.25”
  • Surface Mount
  • Input to Output Isolation
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Control Pin
  • No minimum load
  • 3 Year Warranty

The AG Series is a broad line of ultra-miniature DC to HV DC converters that sets an industry standard in high voltage miniaturization. This unique package occupies less than one tenth of a cubic inch of volume and an extremely low profile of only 0.128 inches (3.25mm) when mounted in from the top, or 0.152 (3.86mm) when mounted in from the bottom of the PCB. They can also mount off the PCB with .030” diameter pins. They are offered in 1 watt or 1.5 watt power ratings, with output voltages ranging from 100 volts to 6000 volts. The output is directly proportional to the input voltage and is linear from <0.7V input to maximum input voltage. Output is load dependent. Isolation permits <±500V bias on output return. No external components or minimum load are required. 

A separate high impedance control pin is standard and is designed for external error amplifier and/or DAC control in closed or open loop systems, or simply connect the control pin to the + input for proportional input to output operation. Use of a resonant, quasi-sinewave oscillator and fully shielded transformer result in clean, reliable high voltage conversion with inherently low ripple, EMI/RFI and input ripple current, making this product ideal for integration into noise sensitive equipment.

[ pdf Datasheet (1.40 MB) ]