HTCA Heat Transfer Compound


Heat Transfer Compound - Aerosol 

HTCA offers a way of applying a thin, even film of HTC and is especially useful for applications over larger areas. HTCA is recommended where the efficient and reliable thermal coupling of electronic components or heat dissipation between any surfaces are required. 

HTCA is a non-silicone paste, suitable for applications where silicones are prohibited, thus avoiding issues with silicone and low molecular weight siloxane migration.

  • Aerosol product; ideal for application over larger areas
  • Based on a non-silicone oil; avoids issues with silicone and LMW siloxane migration
  • Good thermal conductivity; designed for use as a thermal interface material
  • Non-curing paste; allows simple and efficient rework of components if required

[ pdf Datasheet (127 KB) ]