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With vacuum encapsulated technology, MTM Power's focus is on encapsulated, robust, long-living, temperature-resistant and absolutely maintenance-free modules. The patented thermoselective vacuum encapsulation decelerate the aging of the components and significantly extends the lifetime of the MTM Power devices. Furthermore, this world wide unique encapsulation process and a connection via special 7/8" connectors enables designs in IP67 and thus undisturbed use in the field. Best example are the AC/DC modules of the PM-IP67A series with AC- (90…264 VAC) and DC wide input range (100…353 VDC).

In automation technology, these external power supplies with IP67 protection provide a simple and quick "plug and play" solution for supplying control components without cost-intensive switching cabinets, even in particularly harsh environments.

The modules of the series PM-IP67A are available with common single and dual output voltages. They are designed for worldwide use under extreme environmental conditions like dust and humidity and allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different tasks in all "on machine" applications. MTM Power especially designed them for decentralised systems without switching cabinets – the state-of-the-art trend in automation.

Further features are rugged design, SMD-technology, automatic 100 % final test and
100-%-burn-in-test. The series PM-IP67A offers 50, 75, 100 or 200 W constant output power; it is short circuit protected, needs no ground load and is operating within a temperature range of -25 to +70 °C. The modules are VDE and UL/cUL approved. The devices with the output voltage of 24 V are available as Limited Power Source version.

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