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CamdenBoss has taken a different approach for their latest enclosure design. Using an unconventional shape, they have created a stunning design engineered enclosure, with the added benefit of it being fully recyclable with modern aesthetic features. Breaking apart from the standard rectangular and square enclosures that flood the market today, CamdenBoss are excited to reveal their latest UK manufactured Hex-Box IoT Enclosure.

The regular hexagon shape provides a six-sided housing, with all sides featuring fully removable panels that, once placed in position, are self-retaining, therefore eradicating any awkward assembly that is often encountered in enclosures with removable panels. This has huge advantages for customisation as the removable panels can be easily digitally printed, holes can be created for cable ports, making it quick and easy to produce a finished electronic device. The six-sided shape also provides a means of exit and entrance to the PCB from multiple directions, creating an ideal housing for industrial desktop equipment or meeting room devices such as multiway charging and multi-purpose electronics that provide one source for connecting laptops, mobiles and tablets to a projector.

The panels are available as either solid or vented and are completely interchangeable, giving you a fully customisable configuration and a unique enclosure based on your requirements and layout preferences. The lid of the enclosure features a smooth bevelled edge with a flat area on the top, suitable for a 2.5” screen.

PCB mounting can be found in both the lid and the base, with the base mounting bosses positioned to accept Raspberry Pi development boards. Also included in the base are a set of numbers moulded into the housing from one to six, labelling each of the panel positions to aid assembling, wiring and mounting of the enclosure.

That’s not all, you can transform your Hex-Box IoT Enclosure into a wall mountable enclosure with the addition of the revolutionary Circular Wall Mount Bracket.  The bracket features a number of different mounting methods, including UK single gang mounting, slots for static, fixed surface mounting as well as keyhole slots for fast dismount. The bracket also features 25mm cable entry that can be knocked through, aligning perfectly with a marked area on the base of the enclosure. These features provide a concealed entrance for the cables from the rear of the enclosure and, once mounted, maintains that all important aesthetic when situated in environments such as homes and offices.

The Hex-Box IoT Enclosure has been designed to create an enclosure suitable for industrial IoT, with the aesthetic to allow it to blend easily into office, retail and domestic environments. CamdenBoss look forward to seeing what engineers and designers around the world do to bring these enclosures to life.

The Hex-Box IoT Enclosure is available in either black, white or grey and can be purchased in volume directly from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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