TCOR Thermally Conductive Oxime RTV


Thermally Conductive RTV (Oxime)  TCOR is a single component, 100% solids, low odour silicone RTV which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. It has been designed to fill the gap between device and heat sink, thus reducing the thermal resistance. It can be applied around components and power resistors to dissipate excess heat to heat sinks, avoiding any potential overheating and subsequent failures. It can also be used as a low bond strength adhesive, sealant or gasketing compound. 

  • Higher bond strength than standard RTVs; can be used as a sealant or thermal adhesive
  • High thermal conductivity; combines adhesive properties with efficiency of heat dissipation
  • Very wide operating temperature range; combines properties required for the automotive market
  • Single component, non-slump; ideal for applications requiring a higher viscosity product

[ pdf Datasheet (110 KB) ]