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FX-971 Soldering Station

With 100 W of power in a compact body, it performs a wide range of soldering works.

With improved sensor sensitivity and a design that smoothly transfers the heat from the heater to the tip, the tip temperature has become stable and it ensures better soldering.

Cycle time reduced by 40% It enables soldering in a shorter time and improves work efficiency.

It shows information such as set temperature, tip’s sensor temperature, and preset setting, clearly and widely. The viewing angle is wide, and the high-brightness display provides high visibility. Various settings can be easily configured using four buttons.

Tilt mechanism for easy viewing and operation of the screen display, depending on the installation location, e.g., on or under the workbench or on the rack.

The well-selected line-up of soldering tips.
Soldering that was previously impossible or time-consuming can be improved with the tips in new shapes.

Automatic calibration and correction can be completed by sending the measured temperature value of the thermometer (FG-100B/FG-101B), via infrared.

By connecting the station to the PC, the tip set temperature, calibration/correction, and the temperature history of the tip during operation are recorded on the PC, enabling management with zero human error.

The built-in sensor of the tip inside makes it possible to use auto-sleep and auto-shutoff functions without connecting the station and the iron holder, and it helps to lay out the station and iron holder freely in the working space.

The newly designed iron holder allows easy and safe tip replacement with a tip removing attachment and tip insertion holder.

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