Compact 1 W and 2 W DC-DC converters target medical applications : XP Power today announced the IMM series of 1 and 2 Watt DC-DC converters. The IMM01 1 Watt and the IMM02 2 Watt converters are designed for use in medical applications. Providing a 1500 VAC input/output isolation at a 250 VAC working voltage to facilitate a 1 x MOPP the single and dual output units are approved to the international medical safety standards ANSI/AMII ES60601-1, CSA 22.2 No 60601-1 and EN/IEC60601-1
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​Compact 65 Watt external power supply meets Level VI requirements and suits medical and commercial applications : XP Power today announced the ALM65 series of external single output 65 Watt AC-DC power supplies. These compact supplies, measuring 33.5 x 125.5 x 55.5 mm, comply with the latest Level VI energy efficiency standard, introduced in February 2016. The new standard stipulates lower limits for the no load input power of a supply to ensure that much less power is consumed when the end-unit is switched off or not connected, and increased active mode average efficiency to reduce waste power when the load is connected.
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​DC/DC Converters with 8:1 Input in a Half Brick Case : MTM Power® GmbH, the specialist for individual power supplies, offers in its program DC/DC converters in a brick case with an 8:1 input (9…75 V). The PMD150 UHB8 has an output power of 150 W and is available with the output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 28 V or 48 V.
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Miniature PCB Mount 5 W AC-DC power supply meets international medical safety standards : XP Power today announced the EME05 series of ultra-compact, single output, 5 Watt AC-DC power supplies. Believed to be one of the smallest 5 Watt supplies on the market and available in either an encapsulated or open frame mechanical format, the EME05 measures just 35.6 x 23.7 x 17.6 mm, taking up minimal space in the end application.
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Low profile IT and medical 90 Watt external power supplies comply with Level VI : ​XP Power today announced the AJM90 series of 90 Watt single output external AC-DC power supplies. Meeting the US Department of Energy’s new Level VI no load / standby power and active mode efficiency specification, the AJM90 consumes less than 0.21 Watt when no load is connected.
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